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Daily Offerings
     Our breads are crafted one at a time by hand. Our dough is mixed and handled slowly to insure quality flavor and texture. This process may involve several days to produce one bread. Dedicated bakers work long, early hours to bring you the highest quality most consistent products possible.

  Though through the years we have explored, experimented with, and offered many types of breads;

you'll now find a much more refined daily offering at the bakery with our focus remaining quality not quantity. 

     Not all breads you may have had from us in the past are available each day. It is best to call and inquire regarding availability. 


Seasonal and Specialty Breads

     These types of Breads change with the seasons, are offered in limited quantities, and are produced for a limited time. Examples would be Cherry Walnut Bread, Irish Soda Bread, Etc.... Again, It's best to call for availability prior to making a trip.

Bread Owners Manual
Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a hearth baked loaf of the Denver Bread Company bread. We make every effort to obtain the finest raw ingredients and filtered water to make your bread. Take care of your bread and it will take care of you.


     The more bread you eat the less you need to store. Since we bake fresh bread daily, we recommend that you buy only the bread you need. As you eat bread, store it cut side down on a cutting board. You may also store it in a paper or plastic bag. Yes plastic will help your loaf retain moisture, but you will lose the integrity of the crust. Avoid leaving  your bread in direct sunlight or in a hot moist environment. Let it "breath"

Many customers ask if our bread freezes well. The truth is that no food freezes well. But if you are going to freeze bread, the bigger and crustier breads will put up a better fight against the elements.

As your bread ages, be creative and get the most out of your bread. Make toast, french toast, bread crumbs, croutons, bread salad, bruschetta... use your imagination!

We do not slice bread. Your bread will stay fresher longer if you cut it as you need it. If you eat serious bread, then you need a serious bread knife. We recommend that you buy a high quality bread knife, take good care of it and only use it for bread.

Some of Our Bread


3 lb. BOULE – The Boule is the signature bread of the bakery. European style, sourdough method, country bread. It is made with unbleached bread flour, organic whole wheat, organic whole rye, salt, and a sour starter. It is known for its excellent crust, and its moist interior. The crumb structure has large irregular holes. It has a light sour flavor as compared to a San Francisco style heavier sourdough. Storage: Best to be kept in a paper bag for the first one to two days then in plastic to prolong its life. Once cut it should be left cut side down on the cutting board or counter. Storing this bread in plastic does affect the crispness of the crust, as does refrigeration. This bread should stay fresh for three to four days from the time of purchase. Many customers say it will stay fresh even longer. Uses: This is an excellent all around bread. It can be used for every day consumption, sliced thin for sandwiches, grilled, toasted, or dried for croutons or crumbs. It also makes excellent bread salad. What will you do with your Boule?

BATARD – This is one of our most popular breads. It is made with unbleached bread flour and a little organic whole rye, water, salt, and yeast. Its shape is what most people refer to as Italian bread. It has a thinner crust and tighter crumb than the boule. This bread stays fresh for two to three days. Storage after the first day is best in a reusable plastic bag to maintain freshness. Uses: Great to slice for homemade garlic bread. Many customers love this bread with pasta. It also works well for bruschetta and bread pudding.

FOCACCIA – Focaccia is a regional Italian flat bread. In Italy, as well as the US, this bread varies greatly in size, shape, and texture. Each bakery has its own version. It can be cracker thin or 3"-4" thick. At The Denver Bread Co., ours is more of a northern Italian style. The toppings and flavors vary from day to day, season to season. The bread is made with unbleached bread flour, a little organic whole rye, water, yeast, and salt. It is generously brushed with extra virgin olive oil, and often flavored with various herbs and seasonings before baking. This bread can be a meal in itself depending on your appetite. It pairs well with salads, soups, and wine. It also serves well as an appetizer for dinner parties. Focaccia is always best when served oven HOT. Avoid using the microwave to heat your breads at all costs.

SFILATINO/BACI – These are the smaller breads we offer. Their flavors change throughout the week and vary from rosemary to Romano cheese, to mixed herb, or green onion. They are made with unbleached bread flour, organic whole wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast. The Sfilatino is the Italian version of a baguette only a little thinner and smaller. Baci are given their name for their size (the same shape as a baci ball) and for the fact that properly shaped and baked these small boules will actually kiss in the oven.

LAUNDRY – Many customers refer to these loaves as “baguettes” but they, in fact, differ significantly from the traditional French baguette. Due to their higher water content and different baking technique, our Laundry breads will stay fresher for a much longer period of time than a baguette. Still perfect with cheese and for a long thin sandwich as well as multi-purpose table bread.

WHOLE WHEAT SOURDOUGH – Made with organic whole-wheat flour, unbleached bread flour, salt, water, and sourdough starter. This is one of our purest breads. Its hearty wheat and sourdough flavor compliment seafood, soups or salads nicely. The stripes on the crust are from the baskets (banneton) they are proofed in.

WEST COAST SOURDOUGH  – More of a traditional “San Francisco” style sourdough with more of a sour bite than our European style breads. With the semi-arid climate of Colorado, and the types of yeast spores that thrive here, it is difficult to make an extremely sour bread without the use of dough conditioners or commercial additives. We have done it WITHOUT USING ANY of those things. Made with unbleached bread flour, water, sourdough starter, and salt. This is a great all around eating bread.

MULTIGRAIN – This is considered one of our healthiest options. It is made with unbleached bread flour, organic whole rye flour, organic whole wheat flour, semolina, rolled oats, millet, wheat bran, salt, and yeast. It is very lightly sweetened with molasses. It has a wonderful crust and a moist crumb. Excellent choice for toast or all around healthy eating.

CHERRY WALNUT – This very popular bread is produced during the holiday season in November and December. It has a hearty texture and a chewy crust. It contains unbleached bread flour, organic whole wheat, and organic whole rye flours as well as sundried cherries, walnuts, and a sour starter. This is a versatile bread that is great for eating out of hand, smearing with goat cheese, or even making into an unusual crouton. Cherry walnut bread has gained the adoration of our customers over the years. It also makes a wonderful gift. Don’t miss this one!


OLIVE SOURDOUGH – A beautiful loaf containing organic whole wheat flour, unbleached bread flour, a lot of pitted kalamata olives (beware: a pit does occasionally sneak through!!). This is a crusty, chewy loaf due in part to its sourdough starter.
IRISH SODA BREAD – Ingredients for the Irish soda bread include buttermilk, butter, wheat bran, Caraway seeds, golden raisins, and of course baking soda and flour. It is a moist Quick bread, which keeps well and makes great toast. Slathered with butter and Orange marmalade, or served as the cheese shop does – with blue cheese – the soda bread is a seasonal bread made the week of St. Patricks Day that shouldn’t be missed.
ITALIAN EASTER BREAD – The Easter bread is simply one of the best breads we make at the DBC. It is full of butter, eggs, almonds, candied orange peel, candied lemon peel, orange flower water, and dusted with extravagant amounts of powdered sugar – Italian style. The loaf itself is meant to resemble a dove or a cross. The texture can be compared to a brioche. We only do this at Easter time for a few days.




rosemary sfilatino 

laundry Bread

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