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I enter into this blog space now with much more than a little hesitance and trepidation. You see, I'm much more comfortable in a hot ,humid space, predawn, wearing little more than sweat and oven dust than I am in front of this keyboard. I'm much more comfortable relating to a mass of sourdough muck, perched on the verge of becoming nurture for neighborhood families, or a mixing bowl of silky creamed butter and sugar, than I am connecting to the public at large. Never the less I'll make my attempt.

The words at the top are likely quite familiar to nearly anyone who has even a slight interest in the world of food. The story and process of bread production is thousands of years old. The history is that of legend. The books have been written. The documentary's have been filmed. Almost all the information about this endeavor, no matter how large or small, is instantly available to a great number of people at a click or swipe. The internet as well as just about every other form of media is overflowing with information regarding this amazing bit of sustenance.

My goal in attempting this type of connection is to try and get some information out there as to what I may or may not be producing from these hands going forward.

The bread baked here will be centered around the signature bread of the bakery, The Boule. Boules, for those of you who may not be familiar, are a large country bread with great crust and a moist irregular crumb. A European style sourdough if you will. Many loyal customers over time have found this bread to be their "go to" bread for multiple uses. (Read : Yes you can make sandwiches from a variety of country breads). I will likely elect to add other breads into production as time allows.

Yes, I realize that a larger variety of breads, have been offered in the past here at The Denver Bread Company. Due to the extremely tight labor market and lack of reliable help, My focus has shifted to a much more selective variety and quantity of breads and will likely continue to do so. My goal will remain, as it was from the start, to offer the best bread and baked goods that I'm able to produce with each bake.

For those of you who have shared with me and my family your hard earned dollars and supported a small independent business for all these years; for those who may visit the bakery for the first time, and all in between, I'll never be able to adequately thank you. My attempt to try will be put forth in my next bake.

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