Exciting New Changes for Denver Bread Company and Victory Love + Cookies!

Greg and Kristy are proud to share with the community some exciting changes happening at The Denver Bread Company and Victory Love + Cookies.


After 27 years baking for the Highlands community and well beyond, I will be stepping back from baking bread daily. I will be back on a monthly basis for the next year, as Kristy and I transition into exciting opportunities for both of us. 


What this means for the bakery:

For the next year, as I shift into retirement, I will be baking for one week a month “pop-up style” in this same location. I’ll begin baking some of the classics and favorites early in the week, and plan to have boules and more varieties Tuesday through the end of the week. Bread will be available on any given pop-up week on a first come, first served basis only. We cannot reserve bread at this time. 


Kristy and the Victory Love + Cookies team will remain in this incredible location, and will be expanding and filling the bakery with her delicious cookies and confections. We’re very happy to introduce all the new changes that will be happening for VLC, and more details will be coming soon. 


More than anything, we want to thank the Colorado community for decades of loyal patronage and smiling faces. It’s been an honor to bake for you all this time, and watch the neighborhood change, grow and thrive. Please continue to stop back in and check out what’s in store—we hope you’re as excited as we are. 


For information and dates regarding bread availability, please check in at the bakery or visit the DBC website under seasonal updates. 


The Next DBC Pop-Up will be 8/1–8/7. See you then!



Greg & Kristy


The Denver Bread Company

has been honored with great praise over the years, by the patronage of our customers, as well as in many forms of media from local to national.

Here at the Denver Bread Company, we have been so fortunate to be blessed with the greatest customer support in the world. To all of you near and far who have embraced the bakery with your longtime patronage, your compliments, and your belief that bread made with passion and care is worth the extra money and effort to get here, it is the basis of our existence. The idea that you're going the extra step to nurture yourself, your families, and friends is not overlooked here at the bakery. We are thankful each hour of each shift for the support. Without that, none of this would be possible.


I would especially like to thank those of you who live in the surrounding area of the Highlands community. We have watched you and your families grow and change over the years, and we are proud to have been a small part of your lives.

               -Gregory Bortz, owner/baker

Next Denver Bread Company Pop Up:
October 3 - 10